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"I have become a big fan of yours through Damien Project and just wanted to let you know how moving I have found your music to be... "
Brad Fresharra

"She has to be the warmest the most beautiful feeling and imaginative keyboardist I've heard yet. I simply love her material, it's so smooth, slick and relaxing. It's not just the sounds but what she plays that has caught my imagination. I found myself dreaming....of a far away place full of beauty, love....and peace.... "
Evan Paul Kozaris

"Lana's music is a soundtrack to human life - equal parts expressive of her world and open to the possibilities of the listener's world, as only the greatest art works can accomplish. "
Jason Didner

"I hate people like you who are so talented. Who has the ability to move with such great emotion effortlessly. Wonderful piano music thank you for being who and what you are."
John de Boer

"Hi Lana!  I am one of the artist sharing space with you on the new REEL SOUND cd and just wanted to say I was listening to your song for the CD and all I can say is OUTSTANDING!!
It is a pleasure to be able to be on a CD with you!"
Mark Skipper

Lana J. Albert